Apple Health Monitoring Devices

Apple and Health

Apple seems increasingly drawn to the development of health monitoring devices.

For example, the next AirPods could monitor your temperature and posture in addition to serving as hearing aids.

According to documents seen by the Wall Street Journal, prototypes of AirPods capable of measuring the body temperature of the inner ear are in development.

These would even offer users posture tips and advice by alerting them when they begin to sag into an unhealthy spine position.

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According to the WSJ, these functions are not expected until next year and may never even be deployed to consumers.

It therefore seems unlikely that these new health features of Apple’s AirPods will reach consumers for a few years, but Apple seems increasingly drawn to researching health-related features.

Reports from last month suggested the company was considering adding blood pressure monitoring, sleep quality, blood oxygen, blood sugar, and even technology that will help the iPhone diagnose depression and decline cognitive.

Often rumors are just rumors, but here we can see a good idea of ​​what the future of health gadgets might look like.

Incorporating health features into commercial products is a tricky task, which is probably why it will take some time. Hoping that these gadgets will prove to be really effective, only the future will tell!

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